About Us/History

 William and Marilyn had been raising chickens for their own use and for family since 1983. They would start a small batch in the spring and fall and butcher them in the barn yard. Till 1994 William and Marilyn had been blessed with five boys and decided that raising, processing and selling chickens would be a good way to keep there five boys busy and create extra income for the family. So they built a small processing plant and King's Poultry Farm began producing and selling all natural chicken products the way the family always had for their own table. 
We have made many changes since the original plant was built. Many additions and remodels to the plant, new better equipment, more food safety plans and inspections, new barns to raise chickens, and boys growing and moving away. But some things never change, the attention to humane animal care and quality chicken products. Kings Poultry Farm is still family owned and operated with the just the two youngest boys (Levi And Reuben King)  still involved with the farm. And we are still committed to raising chickens humanely without using antibiotics, hormone, or animal by products. And producing high quality chicken products that are safe, Healthy... Nutritional...  Tasty... "Naturally."