Q & A

Q: Are our chickens free range?

A: Yes, our chickens are always free to roam about indoors. By raising our chickens strictly indoors we can control their climate, protect them from predators, and prevent many diseases from infecting our flocks.


Q: Are our chickens hormone free?

A: Yes, our chickens are never fed hormones or steroids in the diet. It is actually illegal to incorporate hormones into chicken feed in the United States.


Q: Are our chickens antibiotic free?

A: Yes, we are fully committed to NEVER adding any type of antibiotics to our chickens food or water; although it is legal in the United States to do so. We concentrate on raising a our flock in a clean and stress free environment to keep our birds happy and healthy.


Q: Are our chickens organic?

A: No, our chickens are not considered organic.


Q: Are our chickens non-GMO?

A: Yes, we feed our chicken a diet consisting of all non-GMO ingredients. We are currently in the process of becoming non-GMO verified.


Q: What do we feed our chickens?

A: Our chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet of non GMO corn, soy, and micronutrients.


Q: What preservatives do we use during processing?

A: We do not use preservatives of any kind during processing. Unlike other companies who use salt water soaks which can add up to ___% in water weight before packaging.  Here at King’s Poultry we concentrate on providing our customers with truely fresh chickens without all the unnecessary preservatives!

Q: What are the benefits to hand processing?