Fire Cracker Chicken

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Fire Cracker Chicken is a MOUTH-WATERING Asian dish that pairs splendidly with fried rice. You won’t regret trying this one! The spicy zing and juicy chicken will surely make this a go-to recipe. An added bonus- it’s gluten free!

Side Note: if you’re feeding little taste buds- don’t write this one off, just replace the buffalo sauce (or split the batch) with some BBQ and omit the red pepper flakes while baking and add them to the plated product as desired!

Creamy Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast

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It’s not always easy to serve your family healthy greens, but this recipe is up for the challenge! It’s low carb, family friendly, & full of healthy greens! It’s quick to mix up & easy to make, so why not try it for dinner tonight!