Meet the Kings

King’s Poultry Farm in mid-western Ohio is a family owned and operated company raising and processing chickens and turkeys. Our goal is to produce high quality poultry products that are Healthy.. Nutritional.. and Tasty..”Naturally” and Humanely. Now you will get a chance to meet the family that has been providing chicken from our family to your table for over two decades!

William and Marilyn King

William – While I worked during the day, I understood the need to keep my boys busy and teach them responsibility and a good work ethic. I did most of the building of the beginning 670 square foot plant. Today I am the last man on the line and I inspect every carcass to insure it meets our high standards of a clean and safe product. I also grade and sort the birds for sizing. I am our “delivery man”, making deliveries in Columbus, Middletown, Dayton, Eaton and our local stores. I am also the handyman the boys go to for help in the maintenance of the plant. In my spare time I enjoy reading, woodworking, and working in the garden.

Marilyn – I was the stay-at-home mom that was suppose to keep 5 boys busy and happy and out of trouble. It soon became apparent we needed something more than folding laundry, dusting, sweeping, pulling weeds, etc. I helped start this business to give them this opportunity…..24 years later….I’m still the mom, but it’s not my responsibility to keep them busy and out of trouble. Instead it’s my job to answer phones, take down orders/instructions, do some inventory, pick up ingredients, take water test,work on Safety plans, do some quality control, do Organic certification requirements, and then be available when anything else is needed. Whatever spare time I have after “grandma-ing”, I enjoy sewing, quilting and such.

Levi King

My main job is to manage the operations at our processing plant. I also oversee the written food safety plans, administrative functions, and marketing for King’s Poultry Farm. In addition to my other duties I also manage a flock of chickens at my personal farm. I enjoy creating efficient processes that save time and resources not only for the business but around the farm as well. I am a past president and currently sit on the board of the Ohio Association of Meat Processors. I enjoy spending time with my caring wife, Jacqueline and our four amazing children Michael, Miah, Molly, and Mathew. As my children grow older I am looking forward to spending more time with them in the outdoors.

Reuben King

I play many different roles for my job, they include Farm Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, and Floor Manager. As Farm Manager I travel to the different facilities that grow our chickens to track growth and efficiency. At our processing facility I fix our equipment when it breaks and I manage the processing floor – helping wherever I am needed. I enjoy the versatility of my job because I like not doing the same thing all day! My favorite part about my job is being able to raise day old chicks into full grown birds and produce finished wholesome chicken products for our customers! In my spare time I am a Captain for our local volunteer fire department. I enjoy attending continuing education courses to become a better firefighter. My wife Ivy and I like to keep busy by taking on to many home improvement projects! We also just welcomed our first child into our family. His name is Jess, and we are really enjoying parenthood!