King's Poultry Farm in mid-western Ohio is a family owned and operated company raising and processing chickens and turkeys. Our goal is to produce high quality poultry products that are Healthy.. Nutritional.. and Tasty.."Naturally" and Humanely. Our chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet of NON GMO corn, soy, and micro nutrients. And raised free range indoors to control climate, predators and disease. All of our chickens are owned by King's Poultry Farm from day old chicks and raised by our quality and humane handling standards. Once the birds are grown they are transported to our own USDA inspected processing facility where they are processed under strict food safety and humane handling regulations without using preservatives of any kind. We carry whole chicken and a full line of parts and pieces as well as patties and sausage and sell our products at our "Country Market" at the plant, to grocery/retail stores, restaurants, and food service establishments.

Non GMO Fed Chicken Products!!!!
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