Want to order a box of your King’s Poultry favorites?

Treat yourself to a selection of King’s Poultry chicken- we deliver right to your door -AND- we offer in-store pick up!

Large Sampler Box

Our large sampler box lets you try a variety of our most popular products ranging from whole muscle cuts to ground chicken sausage selections.

Small Sampler Box

This box contains a hand picked selection of our most popular items including chicken breast, chicken sausage links, chicken patties, and a chicken pot pie!

Sausage Sampler Box

In this box you get to try ALL 5 VARIETIES of our chicken bratwurst, ALL 3 VARIETIES of our chicken patties, and BOTH of our bulk options- ground chicken and ground chicken sausage!

Whole Muscle Box

Healthy, versatile, economical- this box contains whole chicken, breast, thighs, and wings!

Large Sausage Box

Our Large Sausage Box contains a customizable assortment of 20 (approximately 1 LB) packages of chicken bratwurst/patties!

Small Sausage Box

Our Small Sausage Box contains a customizable assortment of 12 (approximately 1 LB) packages of chicken bratwurst/patties.

Chicken Pot Pie Box

This convenient, freezer friendly box contains 6 or 8 – 32oz (9 inch) King’s Chicken Pot Pies.

Canned Chicken Box

Convenient and healthy- this box contains 6 or 12 – 28 oz cans of King’s Chicken!