Welcome To King's Poultry Farm

Eating well can be difficult. King’s Poultry Farm makes it easy by producing chicken products that are healthy, nutritional, and tasty - naturally! We provide our customers with a large variety of ground, whole muscle, and sausage selections. Meal options that are quick, convenient, and healthy is a very unusual thing to find in the same package! As always, we promise our whole muscleproducts contain chicken and only chicken- no additives and no enhancements.
Our Mission

Here at King’s Poultry Farm we are a family owned and operated company. We raise and process chickens and turkeys. Our goal is to produce high quality poultry products that are Healthy.. Nutritional.. and Tasty..”Naturally” and Humanely. Our chickens are fed a high quality non GMO diet, and are free to roam about as they please indoors. All of our chickens are owned by King’s Poultry Farm from day old chicks and raised by our quality and humane handling standards. All of our birds are processed at our own USDA inspected processing facility using strict food and safety and humane handling regulations without using preservatives of any kind.

Humane Handling

All of our chickens are raised from just 1 day old chicks to fully grown birds under our direct supervision. Our chickens are raised free range indoors with plenty of room to roam about as they please. This allows us to provide adequate climate control, protection from predators, and it helps to prevent many different diseases. Their diet is composed of an all vegetarian combination that never contains growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. We use the knowledge and experience gained from raising chickens for over two decades to implement the highest welfare and safety standards. We also ensure all our chickens are transported under our strict welfare guidelines. A healthy chicken is a productive chicken, and we always strive to have a happy, healthy flock!

Hand Processed

All of our birds are raised under our direct supervision. Once the birds are grown they are transported to our own USDA inspected processing facility, King and Son’s Poultry Services Inc. This is where the birds are hand processed under strict food safety and humane handling regulations. Each one of our chickens is assessed by a federal inspector before they are allowed to be packaged and sold. We never use preservatives of any kind during this process because our goal is to provide our customers with only the best quality chicken, directly from us to you!