Sweet Potato Apple Brat Skillet

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For those of you who have a bit of a sweet tooth- you should try this recipe! Although it would be great during harvest while these ingredients are in full flourish- it’s good anytime of the year!

Blackened Whole Chicken

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Whole chickens are popular in the King household. They are economical, easy to cook, & SO versatile! Rosebud’s Seasoning blends save so much time and they are ALWAYS delicious. So give this recipe a try, & see what you think!

King Team Note: We like to shred down whatever chicken is left that night to make another meal out of it. It’s great for cold chicken salads, shredded chicken sandwiches, or a topping for pizzas & salads!

Creamy Stove -Top Buffalo Chicken

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If your looking for simplicity stop right here! This delicious dish can be eaten with chips, bread, or as a soup! You can also adjust the amount of buffalo sauce to suit the whole families taste buds!

Chicken in Milk

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This recipe is perfect for fall weather! The comforting flavors of the creamy sage infused sauce and golden brown chicken pair wonderfully together. The best part is the leftovers make a delicious creamed chicken or chicken salad!

King’s Chicken Skillet Dump

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This recipe is very flexible- you can use almost any vegetables you have in your refrigerator. It seems there are always straggler veggies towards the end of the week at our house, and this is a great way to get them used up before the next grocery trip! This recipe is also great at stretching the grocery budget for one more day since it uses our shelf stable canned chicken, and whatever veggies you have laying around- fresh or canned!

Lemon-Dill Chicken Skillet

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Fast is always appealing when you’re considering what to fix for a meal. This dish can be made in just 30 minutes! The combination of creamy lemon dill sauce and King’s boneless skinless chicken thighs will leave your family going back for seconds!

Breakfast Quesadillas

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Breakfast time is great, but it’s fun to mix it up a bit! These breakfast quesadillas are great for the whole family because you only put what you want in them! Load it up, or stick with eggs and cheese- the choice is yours!

Apple Brat Pizza

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If your tired of traditional pizza toppings and you’re looking for something different you need to try this recipe! It’s another great way to incorporate our chicken brats into your meal planning without eating them on a bun “the traditional way”. You will need to adjust the ingredient amounts depending on your family size (I did 2- 10″ pizza crusts!)