Chicken in Milk

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This recipe is perfect for fall weather! The comforting flavors of the creamy sage infused sauce and golden brown chicken pair wonderfully together. The best part is the leftovers make a delicious creamed chicken or chicken salad!

White Chicken Chili

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This soup is sure to be a family favorite! Cold weather and soups go together hand in hand, so since the cold is here… let’s make soup! You can use cooked shredded chicken or our ground chicken (browned) for this recipe.

Parm-Garlic Chicken

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This recipe is a single skillet recipe, so moms will love it. AND it can be served a number of different ways, so the family won’t get tired of it! This mouth watering recipe is is sure to be a hit!

Ground Chicken Tacos

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This recipe is made for the slow cooker! Preparing this ahead of time to put in your freezer is SO easy. Then, you have a quick meal to throw in the slow cooker on a busy day. It just has to heat up because all the ingredients will already be cooked!

Chicken Tetrazzini Bake

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This recipe is simple and delicious! If you are looking to put a twist on this traditional recipe you can add a ranch packet to the ingredient list. Chicken Tetrazzini freezes fantastically well, so you can double the recipe- baking one for your family tonight and putting one in the freezer for later!

Chicken Meatballs

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These yummy meatballs can be made in different sizes for different occasions. Smaller for appetizers, or larger for a main dish. They also freeze well, so you can make them in large batches! Putting these meatballs in a slow cooker with BBQ sauce would be an excellent alternative as well!